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Spring into Life Ride
March 22, 1014
Harrisburg, NC






Dilworth Criterium
April 12, 2014
Charlotte, NC 28262










Who We Are

Charlotte Sports Cycling (CSC) is a premier sports marketing and event management organization, which is based in Charlotte, NC. We strive to promote the health and environmental benefits of cycling, through diverse activities.  Our strong community involvement includes: 

      * Leadership of Cycling Teams - maintaining and organizing the Giordiana-Clif Bar-BRICA road and mountain biking teams, which is comprised of local athletes     

      * Event Promotions - providing management services for charity rides, elite racing events, and educational and safety clinics for children

      * Advocacy
- promoting cycling as a means of transporation, environmental awareness, and recreation


This innovative approach to cycling allows CSC to attract participants and fans of all ages and abilities, while also providing an extensive platform to market our sponsors' brands and products.

Contact Information:
Neal Boyd
2022 Dembrigh Lane, Charlotte, NC 28262


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